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It is quick and easy to sign the documents you are given.sent via Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Do you prefer video instructions?

Sign via a link received by email.

  1. Click on the linkprovided in the email revision and signature.

  2. Click in the fields and enter the requested information.

  3. Click in the signature field. A pop-up window appears.

  4. Enter your namein the Name section at the top of the pop-up window. Check the generated signature or click the Draw icon anddraw your signaturewith your mouse.

  5. Click onApply

  6. Click on the buttonClick to sign. Once you have electronically signed the document, all parties will receive a final PDF copy by email.

Additional information regarding electronic signatures.

  1. To ensure you receive messages for electronic signatures, pleaseadd at youraddress book or to your green list.​

  2. If you need to delegate this document to an authorized party for signature,do not forward this message.You must click on the link at the bottom of the email you received to delegate it to another person.

Adobe Acrobat Sign is the benchmark electronic signature solution. Whether you need a qualified electronic signature in the European Union, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, or an e-KYC compliant signature in India, Acrobat Sign allows you to comply with the laws of worldwide, including the strictest legal obligations.

The security of digital documents is a top priority for us. Find out how we protect your electronic signatures by visiting

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