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Urbania offers you the opportunity to get involved in work after purchasing your home, allowing customization and savings. Our packages are tailored to your skills and your budget.

Why choose our à la carte packages?

  • Significant savings: By taking on certain jobs, you reduce labor costs, which translates into direct savings on the final price of your home.

  • Flexibility: Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or just want to get involved in simpler tasks, our packages adapt to your level of skill and commitment.

  • Personal satisfaction: There is great pride in participating in the construction of your own house. Your involvement will make your home even more special.

The different packages to save

Each package is designed to accommodate different skill and involvement levels, allowing you to personalize your home while respecting your abilities and schedule.

Our packages vary from the "Master Handyman", for those who want to get involved in a meaningful way, to the "Turnkey" package, where we take care of everything. Each option offers an opportunity to save money while allowing you to customize your home to your tastes.

To learn more about our packages and find out how you can save on building your home,including the possibility of building on your land,contact us today ! We are here to answer all your questions and carry out your real estate project.

Package 1 - The Master Handyman

Ideal for:DIY enthusiasts who want to be significantly involved in finishing their home.

  • You take on tasks like painting, installing flooring, and more.

  • We take care of the basic construction and essential systems (plumbing, electrical, etc.).

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