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Find out how our extensive warranties and home protection commitments give you unparalleled peace of mind, allowing you to live in your new home with confidence.

URBANIA 2022-2023



5 years

Urbania, distinguished by
GCR AA rating

GCR accreditation № 13830

Habitations Urbania stands out for its commitment to excellence and quality. We are proud to be an AA Home Building Guarantee (GCR) accredited company, the highest distinction awarded in the residential construction industry. This prestigious rating demonstrates our dedication to providing superior quality homes, meeting the highest standards in the industry.

At Habitations Urbania, we are committed to providing our customers with well-built, safe and comfortable homes, designed to meet and exceed their expectations for quality and durability.


Certified Excellence:Habitations Urbania, A Signature of AA Quality by GCR!

The duration of the warranty

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The guarantee offered by Habitations Urbania as well as by the Residential Construction Guarantee (GCR) plan is in three parts (1 year, 3 years, 5 years). 


Indeed, after receipt of your home, the protection offered is of variable duration. More specifically, the warranty applies for a period of one year for the repair of existing and non-apparent defects or poor workmanship.


As for hidden defects, the guarantee can apply three years after taking possession of the home.


As for design, construction or construction defects as well as ground defects, you are protected for five years following the end of the work.


Interesting fact: the warranty is transferable. Indeed, if you sell your home during the warranty period, the new owner will benefit from it for the remaining period.


Need assistance after your purchase?

Are you experiencing a problem following your purchase? Don't worry, you've come to the right address. Your satisfaction is essential to us. Please complete our online form to send us your request.

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